Blind Melon – Glitch

Blind Melon – Glitch


완전좋아 : 630 , 완전별로 : 10

여기서왔어요 : Josh Steuer

My video for Blind Melon’s Glitch, entitled “Glitch By Glitch”

오늘몇일 : 2006-12-11 23:23:16
My video for Blind Melon’s Glitch, entitled “Glitch By Glitch”


  1. Staley Buckley Hoon,wood,conor

    I love this song , it's beautiful and so is shannon..miss hearing him terribly. At least we have these to come back to and our c.ds and dvds but nothing beats him live in person, his musicians fit him like a glove..They are perfect and sound unique and one of the best group of musicians out there…shame in the 90's they were underrated and for what ?

  2. Omg Shannon Hoon why?!?!

  3. what an amazing video to one of my favorite songs out of many. Thank you

  4. Who controls all the chalk talk ?/?

  5. Thank You to the person who made this Amazing video. Thank You Blind Melon. Thank You Shannon Hoon. I Love You. 🙂

  6. I have nothing but love for Blind Melon.

  7. love blind melon, love Shannon hoon!

  8. This is my one of my favorite songs of all time. I was 15 when I first heard Blind Melon now I'm 31 and it's amazing how you grow up and listen to a song and it means something different from years ago.

  9. thank you

  10. such a great tune

  11. amazzzzingggggg lollll fly like a eagle in to the pastttttttttttttttt

  12. Will you believe?  I know what I believe! This is my personal love to believe it will make it true. 

  13. An ancient axiom runs thus "O Lanoo, a second to see, an eternity to believe" which I feel ties in nicely with "Will they let you see and will you believe?".

    The most important aspect of it all is YOU.
    The secret is always contained within the germ lying latent yet always ready to spring up and then fall back down like so many restless waves upon the back of a beach.

    Its a comedy, a tragedy, a love story and you are the star!

    Quality comments brought to you by: Carls Jr. 😀

  14. that's kind of judgemental. Just cause someone thinks the video si nice doesn't make them a sheeple. Maybe you should go on a new world order video or Monsanto video and complain. but do what you want , you probably will anyway. I'm trhing to think of a comment with substance. maybe your just looking for something. Shannon was great and so was the band. haha

  15. Thumbs up! 😀

    Rabbit hole = matrix = potential virtual reality universe that we are currently "living" in 😀

    We are the people we have been waiting for!

    Time to "Glitch" me thinks? 😀

  16. The song lyrics go "WHO CONTROLS ALL THE CHALK TALK?" and no one wonders what that means? Or even cares I suppose.

    Love the song… Love Shannon… HATE song lyrics with meaning! 😀

    Poor shannon bleat bleat…. drugs are bad uhmkay? bleat bleat…

    No Merl, I stand firmly by my initial comment apologies 🙂

  17. I consider myself truly neutral.

    I report on what I see without bias as much as is humanly possible.

    I come here and read over and over again something like the following:

    "Shannon was great but those darn drugs took him away from us" bleat bleat etc etc…

    It is the cries of the sheeple with their fear-bleating and THAT is what gets OLD my friend.

    It is the IQ curve in effect ya'll and frankly Murl, I for one am sick and tired of the slave like mentality 😀

  18. What's with the negaitivity man. So people think the video is nice. I like positive messages better than negative ones.

  19. Most people are not capable of understanding, grasping, believing the enormity of this reality.
    "will they let you see, and will you believe?"
    he could be referring to the corruption yet I believe it is a larger statement or perhaps a "corruption of reality/perception".
    Dig deep and you will learn at your own intuitional ability level.


    white rabbit 🙂

  20. Pretending to know "some shit" and knowing are two very different things, Johnny 🙂

    Is Grammar Nazism all you have?

    If everything was just fine in the world you wouldnt hear a peep out of me unless in jest or perhaps to sing etc etc…

    But no, Johnny, its pretty damned messed up and its everyones duty to raise awareness of the fact which may ultimately lead to a correction.

    Glitch, get it? like in a matrix, a computer simulation et al…
    "and who controls the chalk talk?"

  21. Saw an interpretation of the song i kinda wanted to throw on here for people wondering…"Seeing truth before Logic." If you understand the word totalitarianism, and the depth of the rabbit hole…You might understand where Shannon is coming from.." this song proved to me i wasnt alone when realizing just how fucked up the world could be

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